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Welcome to Lightning Terminals
25 Years Experience

  • Call / Email for a specific quote on prices listed !
  • Discounts off, special offers may apply to many stock items !
  • Specialising in
    • WYSE Terminals & Keyboards
      • Wy-520, Wy-160, Wy-185, Wy-120, Wy-65, Wy-60, Wy-50
      • 840362-01 840338-01 901866-01
    • DEC * DIGITAL Terminals & Keyboards
      • VT520, VT510, VT420, VT320, VT220
      • LK411-AA, LK201, LK401-AA
  • Supplier of:
    • DEC Systems, Peripherals, Parts for:-
      • PDP11, VAX, MicroVAX, VAXstation, DECstation, Alpha

Established 1993, with extensive warehousing / workshops for testing and product engineering. with ackaging & palleting Services, for local & worldwide export. We often offer free technical advice. Call us for help.

  • We sell, buy, repair, upgrade, and refurbish the following products:-
    • WYSE
      • Terminals,crts, tubes, keyboards,
      • Winterms
      • Terminals, crts, tubes, dumb terminals, graphic screens, monitors
      • Printers, peripherals,
      • Systems and options, parts
      • Modules, interfaces, CPUs, memory
      • Disk & tape drives and controllers
      • Communications and networking devices,
      • Cables and cabinet kits
    • BARCODE SCANNERS for Symbol, Motorola

Condition / Quality

    • We sell various conditions from new, to used / secondhand and part-refurbished to full refurbishement to "like new" standard in the case of terminals.


    • 30 days to 1 year, return to base

Pricing is based on stock levels, condition required or offered and the availability of that product.

Please phone or email for your specific quote!

(Lightning Terminals, is a trading name of Lightning Systems Rentals Ltd)


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